Phase 2: LIVE!

as we know it...

Have you heard the legend around these parts about Little Jay?

Very little is known, but as far as we can gather, The only evidence found were some pictures, one of a childs room left in what could only be described as, a crime scene. There were old toys and furniture that looked like they were there since 1971.  Some say, that "Little Jay" was seen last at the lake in a cabin next to a severed woman's head.

Some teddy bears come from loving happy homes. But some unfortunate little souls come from the most horrible homes imaginable.
Little Jay was spawned from hell and raised on pure resentment. Resenting all of those happy little teddy bears and vowing to kill each and everyone of them that cross his path.

If you have a teddy bear and you live deep in the woods, I would be very careful Little Jay doesn't come pay you and your happy loving little teddy bear a visit, that neither of you will ever forget...

Little Jay NFT Preview

Token Sale Phases

Phase 2: LIVE


Website: Completed

Artwork: Completed

Smart Contract: Completed

Pre-Sale: SOLD OUT

Phase 2: LIVE

KillerCub Holders
Earn 50% Every 3 Months


We Are Giving Away 5 NFT's Each Day Until March 1st!

Enter your email adress & Metamask ETH deposit address for a chance to win
Every day we will choose 5 new winners.  We will re-enter your information each day, giving you a chance to win each day

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Little Jay NFT's will be sold  in total?

There will be a total of 10,000 Little Jay NFT's available.

How much is 1 NFT?

There will be 5 Phases:
Pre-sale: 1000 NFT's - $100 ea.
Phase 1: 2250 NFT's  - $150 ea.  
Phase 2:  2250 NFT's - $200 ea.  LIVE!
Phase 3:  2250 NFT's - $250 ea.
Phase 4:  2250 NFT's - $500 ea.

How many can I buy?

You can buy up to 50 Little Jay's  per Mint. If you want to buy 100 then you would have to mint 50 and then mint another 50.

When will I receive my NFT's? 

After you mint your NFT/s, they will immediately be deposited into your MetaMask wallet. Depending on the speed of the blockchain at the moment, it may take up to 1 - 2 hours.

Can I sell them at a higher price,  or should I hold them?

You can put them up for sale for any price you wish.  They are your NFT's.  If you wanted to hold them you would begin to start earning royalties from all re-sold NFT's.

All commissions will be deposited into your Metamask Wallet address that you provide during the minting process.

How do I mint/buy these NFT's?

The process is much easier than people expect..

1. Go to and download the app/extension to your phone or computer.  Once its open, copy the deposit address found near the top middle of the screen. ( You will see numbers starting with 0x ) Just click it and it will copy to clipboard. 

2. Go to and signup for free and connect your Metamask to Opensea.

3. Come back to your home page and click MINT.  It will ask you for your email and your Metamask deposit address you copied in step 1. 

Choose how many NFT's you want.

Copy our deposit address and then send the appropriate amount of ETH to cover your purchase. 

That's it, you will receive your NFT's straight to your Metamask wallet and they will be attainable in your Opensea account. 

Watch the how to video below.

Complete How To Video

How Will Little Jay Holders Earn Money?

BUY, HOLD and EARN...  By holding 1 or more Little Jay NFT's you will earn a percentage in the ROYALTY POOL. A Royalty pool is the automatic commission every nft company earns when sold nft's are re-sold on opensea. In our case, it's a 10% Royalty ( and that's for life ).
40% of the 10% ROYALTY POOL goes to ShareholdersGallery NFT holders. 
60% of the 10% ROYALTY POOL would normally go to the Owners/founders of the site. In this case we the owners are forfeiting our 60% of all royalties associated with the Little Jay NFT collection, and giving that 60% back to anyone who buys and holds their Little Jay NFT. 
Earn a minimum of 50% every 3 months, on each Little Jay NFT you hold.

Earnings Chart:
1 NFT = $200 PER YEAR (low end) - $600 PER YEAR (high end)
5 NFT'S = $1000 PER YEAR (low end) - $3000 PER YEAR (high end)
10 NFT'S = $2000 PER YEAR (low end) - $6000 PER YEAR (high end)
20 NFT'S = $4000 PER YEAR (low end) - $12000 PER YEAR (high end)
50 NFT'S = $10,000 PER YEAR (low end) - $30000 PER YEAR (high end)
and EARN!

Play To Earn Game Comming Soon